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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What is the Difference between Netapp WAFL_Check and wafliron ?

WAFL_check and wafliron are both diagnostic tools used to check WAFL file systems.

If WAFL_check is run the administrator can choose whether or not to commit changes.
Wafliron will make changes as it runs and reports these changes. The administrator has no choice over which changes wafliron will commit.

wafliron can be run while the filer online and serving data from
Volume/aggregates not being checked

WAFL_check , however must be run from the Special Boot Menu
 and the storage appliance will not be serving data until WAFL_Check
completes and the administrator chooses to commit changes.

Netapp Support should be consulted before running either wafliron or WAFL_check

Note :- WAFL_Check can take long time to run and the storage appliance will not serve
any data during this time. It will remain unavailable from the network and only
be accessible from a console connection.

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