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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Netbackup Important services and their port numbers

As a part of Initial troubleshooting in Netbackup Please check the following services.

1. Open the services file with a text editor (ex. Notepad):


In UNIX check under /etc/services

2. Verify that the following entries are listed in the services file:

bpcd         13782/tcp

bprd         13720/tcp

vopied       13783/tcp

vnetd        13724/tcp

bpdbm        13721/tcp

vmd          13701/tcp
acsd         13702/tcp

tl8cd        13705/tcp

odld         13706/tcp

ts8d         13709/tcp

tldcd        13711/tcp

tl4d         13713/tcp

tsdd         13714/tcp

tshd         13715/tcp

tlmd         13716/tcp

tlhcd        13717/tcp

lmfcd        13718/tcp

bpjobd       13723/tcp

rsmd         13719/tcp

nbdbd        13784/tcp

visd          9284/tcp

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Friday, May 10, 2013

Troubleshooting Netbackup Error code 58

The backup may fail with error 58 its because of the below following reasons 

Netbackup client services are not running

The Firewall or anti virus enabled 

Please turn of and check else try to add the bpcd, vnetd, and pbx port to firewall exceptiton rules. and check.
if that does not work..
please proceed with the below troubleshooting steps
From Master :-
--> ping <client name>
--> nslookup <client name>
--> grep <client name> /etc/hosts
--> bpcltncmd -hn <client name>
--> bpcltncmd -ip <client IP>

From Client:-
--> bpcltncmd -self
--> bpclntcmd -pn
-->bpcntcmd -hn <client name>
-->bpcltncmd -ip <client IP>

Hope from this we will be able to figure out what was the exact issue.