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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Netbackup Important services and their port numbers

As a part of Initial troubleshooting in Netbackup Please check the following services.

1. Open the services file with a text editor (ex. Notepad):


In UNIX check under /etc/services

2. Verify that the following entries are listed in the services file:

bpcd         13782/tcp

bprd         13720/tcp

vopied       13783/tcp

vnetd        13724/tcp

bpdbm        13721/tcp

vmd          13701/tcp
acsd         13702/tcp

tl8cd        13705/tcp

odld         13706/tcp

ts8d         13709/tcp

tldcd        13711/tcp

tl4d         13713/tcp

tsdd         13714/tcp

tshd         13715/tcp

tlmd         13716/tcp

tlhcd        13717/tcp

lmfcd        13718/tcp

bpjobd       13723/tcp

rsmd         13719/tcp

nbdbd        13784/tcp

visd          9284/tcp

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