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Thursday, October 18, 2012

How to update permanent license instead of expired demo key without system reboot ??

1)Input permanent license
# vxlicinst -k <license_key>
2)Check license files,delete or remove demo license files
# cd /etc/vx/licenses/lic
# ls -l
# rm <old_demo_key_file>
# mv <old_demo_key_file> <other_directory>
3)Update license using commands
# hasys -updatelic -all
<<<<<<  update system level licensing on all running systems in the cluster at one time.
# hasys -updatelic -sys <sysname>
<<<<<<  update the licensing on a specific node.
# haclus -updatelic
<<<<<<  update licensing at the cluster level.
<<<<<<  NOTE: Before running haclus -updatelic, make sure that system level licensing is updated by running hasys -updatelic on all of the nodes in the cluster.
# vxdctl license init
<<<<<<  request that vxconfigd reread any persistently stored license information. this command forces vxconfigd to rescan the licenses, and to make the new licenses available.
# vxenablef -e full
<<<<<< enable licensed VxFS features

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