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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What is cifs.max_mpx on Netapp ??

The multiplex ID (Mid) is used along with the Pid to allow multiplexing the single client and server connection among the client's multiple processes, threads, and requests per thread. Clients may have many outstanding requests (up to the negotiated number, MaxMpxCount) at one time.Servers MAY respond to requests in any order, but a response message MUST always contain the same Mid and Pid values as the corresponding request message. The client MUST NOT have multiple outstanding requests to a server with the same Mid and Pid.
Recommended value is1124 if you use any of the following products towards CIFS shares on a filer:

  • Microsoft SQL Server (before SQL 2000)

  • Microsoft Exchange (before Exchange 2000)

The memory allocation on every CIFS clients will increase, however, experience shows that setting this option is completely safe.
You need to restart CIFS on the filer.

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