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Monday, October 22, 2012

Cluster Take over and Giveback in Netapp

NetApp commands such as Take over and Give back in Active/Active Cluster mode configuration.
Active /Active cluster means; you should require 2 controllers and these two controllers should communicate each other.
We had requirement that we need to take offline of controller 2 ( which is our development LUN’s and CIFS volumes are connected)
We can use below commands to do the cluster failover before we take Controller2 offline . Here is the command
First we need to check the status of the cluster (is it enabled or disabled)
FAS01> cf status
Cluster enabled, Controller2 is up.
FAS01 > cf  takeover
This command will take over the Controller2 resource entirely and will work continuously without any affect. User wouldn't know this take over. Once you give this command you will log off from the controller2 session and it will be hand over to controller 1 entirely.
Now controller 2 is running and using the resource of controller 1 and the performance you can decrease little bit. And the controller 1 console prompt will change to take over mode and lots of logs will come to the console.
Once your work is over you can return back by using below command
Controller1 (takeover) > cf giveback
Always better to disconnect any user or application before you take offline of any controller.

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