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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Types of Ports in Netapp

On an Netapp Controller we will be having multiple number of ports. Find description about each of them..

Onboard Gbe ports: Available for host connectivity [e0a, e0b,e0c, e0d....]
Onboard FC: For SAN, also will be using FC disk shelves [0a,0b,0c,0d.....]
Onboard SAS: Some SAS tape drives are supported, but as you likely will be using SAS disk shelves
SCSI Connection: for connection to tape devices
Infini Band: for cluster interconnect, now MTP cable is used with converter
Serial Console: For CE's to connect directly to filers by using DB9 cables
RLM NIC: for remote management

Also we will be using 10 gig ports for connected HA pair's for SNAPVAULT traffic.

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