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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Configuring SnapVault on Netapp

In this example, I will assume our Primary Filer as Filer1 and our secondary filer as filer2.

Step 1:

- Configure the Primary Filer for Snapvault, add the Snapvault license by using the following command on a terminal session:

license add sv_primary_license

Step 2:

- Enable snapvault on primary by using the following command

options snapvault.enable on

Step 3:

- Specify the name of the secondary storage system on the primary by using the command

options snapvault.access host=NameOfTheSecondaryFilerHere

Note that you can also use the following command to all all  hosts as destination filers

options snapvault.access host=all

Step 4:

- Perform steps  1 and 2 on the secondary filer as well

Step 5:

- Enable the compliance clock on the secondary filer by using the command:

date -c initialize

Step 6:

- You can also optionally create a "log volume" for snapvault logs, but we will by pass it here

Step 7:

- Finally on the secondary filer for each qtree you need to backup on the primary, create a initial baseline transfer 

For example, if you want the qtree called /vol/mail1/maillun1 on the primary to be backed up to a qtree on secondary called /vol/sv_mail1/maillun1 , you will give the following command:

snapvault start -S filer1:/vol/mail1/maillun1   /vol/sv_mail1/maillun1

Note that it is a good practiceto name your volumes with sv_ (indicating snapvault volume).

This initialization can take some time to complete., to check the progress, you can give the command:

snapvault status

That is it. The final step is to create a Snapvault schedule on  Primary and secondary. Here are the steps

Step 8:

- Create a schedule on Primary by using the following command:

snapvault snap sched -x vol snap_name count [@day_list][@hour_list]

so for example, it will be:

snapvault snap sched -x filer1:
 /vol/mail1/maillun1 sv_nightly 150@mon-sat 0

meaning, snapvault will create backups with prefix sv_nightly for the primary qtree
 /vol/mail1/maillun1 at midnight monday to saturday and will retain 150 copies (one for every night)

Step 9:

Similar to step 8 configure the secondary, I will just demonstrate the command for the secondary
snapvault snap sched -x filer2: /vol/sv_mail1/maillun1sv_nightly 150@mon-sat 0

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