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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Deleting Older backups from B2D backup exec 2012 to reclaim space on Hard Disk

1)     Select the Storage Tab in the BE2012 Interface.
2)     Select your disk storage device and click the ====> for the DETAILS view.
3)     In the details view select the Backup Sets option.
4)     I just scrolled to the bottom of the list which is the oldest backup sets,
5)     Select large groups of backup sets using Shift+Left Click
6)     Right click the selected backup sets and select DELETE.
7)     Yes to All when prompted to delete.


  1. Please note that the DLM in Backup Exec 2012 will not allow you to delete the last backup set for any resource.

  2. Yes but if we want to delete the older backups we can

    when we delete older backup sets backup exec will check for the dependencies and warn us about them.

  3. The above situation was when one of my client storage units got full and he wants to delete older backups leaving last 2 months