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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What is ALUA and how to enabe ALUA in Netapp

ALUA is an acronym that stands for "Asymmetric Logical Unit Access". For SANs, typically there are many paths from your servers to your storage - this is OK because you don't want any single point of failure. However, it's a problem if you have two storage controllers/servers that can access the same disk/LUN. Without ALUA your servers might take a non-optimal path to get to the LUNS.

ALUA was designed to solve this problem by making the client/initiator aware of the different paths, and to automatically choose the optimal path (AKA "Primary" path in the illustration above). The non-optimal/non-primary paths will still be available, but will only be used if the primary path becomes unavailable. If you aren't using ALUA and your hosts are using non-optimal paths, you may experience increased latency / reduced performance

Enabling ALUA 

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