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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Netapp NDMP copy

NDMP,a data transfer protocol used to copy data between two volumes within the filer or across the filers.
To initiate copying volume data enable NDMP daemon.
FAS01>ndmpd on
FAS01>ndmpcopy-sa root: password-da root: password filer01 :/ vol/vol1/share1/tree1 / filer02 :/ vol/vol2/share2/tree2
where-sa root: password, respectively, the name and password for root source filer01,-da - at destination filer0, and then copy the path specified for the source and destination.The copying will get started.
If you want to copy within the filer then....
FAS01> ndmpcopy / vol/vol0/source_path / vol/vol0/destination_path

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