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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Updating Firmware on QUANTUM TAPE LIBRARY i40/80

Updating the Drive Firmware


.Save the Library configuration

NOTE : Please save the configuration file as the current firmware version

1.       Log on the Scalar i40 web client interface to save the configuration file
2.       Click Tools >Save/Restore Configuration
3.       Select Save System Configuration and click apply
4.       You will be prompted to save the file, Save it as the current library firmware version i.e.: 580

Assumptions :-

You have already downloaded the latest firmware and saved on the local machine from where you are accessing the library GUI console

NOTE: Please allow at least 30 minutes for the library to complete the following firmware upgrade process, including the reboot and reconnection with the host application.

Use this procedure to update the Scalar i40 library firmware on your system.
  1. Log on the Scalar i40 web client interface to update the firmware.
  2. Click Tools > Update Firmware.
  3. Click Browse to locate the downloaded library firmware file (*.tgz) on your computer's hard drive.  Unzip fie if needed
  4. Click Apply.
NOTE: The downloaded *.tgzfile should not be unzipped since it will function correctly as is once the library has processed this firmware upgrade file and has rebooted and re-inventoried the library.

When completed, the operator panel will display the user login screen.

Log on to verify that the library firmware has been updated to the proper version by viewing the About Scalar i40 or System Information screens, both under the Reports menu

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