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Friday, February 8, 2013

How to Import Cleaning Tapes in to tape library

Importing Cleaning Tapes

1. From the front panel, select Action.

2. Select I/E by clicking on the down button once (I/E will be highlighted).

3. Select Unlock I/E Station (it will already be highlighted).

You’ll see this message:
Unlocking I/E Station
In progress, please wait

At the next screen, you’ll see:

I/E Station is unlocked
waiting for the magazine to be
removed to the I/E station

4. Open the I/E door.

5. Insert cleaning tape(s) with any valid barcode into the I/E slot(s) of the library.

6. Shut the I/E door.

The picker will teach and scan the I/E slots for any changes.

When the scan is complete, you’ll see:
Select partition assignment of
Unassigned I/E/media

7. Select System.


  1. Its great idea to discuss smoothly about the LTO Cleanig Tapes step by step well done appreciated post