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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

In a Netapp Filer Checking the RAID GROUP Size and Changing a RAID GROUP size

To check the Raid Group size in a Filer 

FBTFAS01>  sysconfig  -V

Volume  aggr0 <1 RAID group> :
               group 0: 16 Disks
               group 1: 16 Disks
               group 2:  8 Disks

Now this shows your Default RAID GROUP was set to 16 Disks ( which is the Default Value for SAS & FC )

Now if we want to change it , then we have to change the default RAID GROUP size 

FBTFAS01>  "aggr options aggr_name raidsize 28"

Now the Raid Group size has been set to 28 so now if we add another 10 Disks those will go in to RG 2 which has 8 disks already.

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