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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Netapp Not able to access CIFS shares

 We May not be able to access CIFS shares ( including C$ and ETC$ ) on a New Filer I have come across this issue and i tried all possible ways to figure out the cause and finally i was able to fix the issue, 

The reason is when you run CIFS SETUP on your filer it will create a user called "PCUSER"  ( All windows users will be mapped to this users while accessing the shares on the filer )  , you can check it from the below command your file should be similar to below

FAS3220> rdfile  /etc/passwd

root : : 0 : : : / :
pcuser : : 65534 : 65534 : : / :
nobody : : 65534 : 65534 : : / :
ftp : : 65533 : 65533 : FTP Anonymous : /home/ftp :

For some reason  it does not create the user pcuser and i have noticed the /etc/passwd was empty so all what i did is to copy the /etc/passwd from one of my old filers and don't forget to run source command after copying

FAS3220> source  /etc/passwd

Once done you should be able to access you shares

Happy Knowledge Sharing :)