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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Migrating a root Volume in Netapp

  Please remember that moving a root volume requires a reboot of the controller.  

Therefore, i suggest to complete this activity in your Maintenance windows. 

It is always good to have a snapshot created before starting any migrations 

FASProd>snap create -V vol0 vol0_snap

 1.       Disable the cluster:  

FASProd>cf disable

2.       Check the size of current vol0:  

FASProd>df -Vh  vol0

3.       Create a new root volume on destination aggr:    

FASProd>vol create  vol0_new  dest_aggr  <SIZE>

4.       Copy the data to the new volume:

FASProd> ndmpcopy /vol/vol0  /vol/vol0_new ( Can also use Vol Copy )

 5.       Once copy is done now Rename the old root volume: 

FASProd>vol rename vol0 vol0_old

6.       Rename the new root volume:  

FASProd>vol rename vol0_new vol0

7.       Now change the new vol0 to be used as root volume 

FASProd> vol options vol0 root

8.       Reboot the controller:  


9.       Confirm the destination aggr now hosts the root vol0:  

FASProd>vol status vol0  

10.   Once confirmed proceed to Offline and destroy the old volume

FASProd> vol offline vol0_old  

FASProd> vol destroy vol0_old

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