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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"Netapp" How to Convert a 32-Bit Aggregate in to a 64-Bit

Starting from Ontap 8.1 if you want to convert an aggregate of 32-bit to 64-bit all you need is add disks to grow the aggregate over 16TB and it will automatically convert in to 64-bit and it happens in the background (no downtime required ) from 32 to 64 bit.  Growing over 16TB is the safest method.

Example :- 

For example if you have 14 disks in a 32-Bit aggregate and then you may need to add additional 2 more disks to make it 64 Bit


Nayab >  aggr add aggr_name -64bit -upgrade normal -n 2

This will add 2 disks to the aggregate at the same time it will convert your aggregate to 64-Bit 

If you are not able to add disks then there is another alternative can do it through the Diag Mode ( But it is very risky to perform unless directed by a Netapp Personal )

It is your own risk If you want to try this method :-

Nayab > priv set diag 

Nayab *> aggr 64bit-upgrade start aggr1 -mode grow-all

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