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Thursday, December 19, 2013

How to change DB instance job schedule for Netapp Snapmanager for SQL Server Busy message

Hi All We have been facing issue with one of our SQL DB instance which is backed up through SNAPMANAGER has been failing with status Snapmanager Server Busy.... So what i have thought is if i change the schedule where no other instances were getting backed up ..... It is always good to have atleast 30mins-1hr between each instance. Please take note that SnapManager for SQL will not follow the windows  task scheduler ( Snapmanager for Exchnage uses windows Task Scheduler ). All i have done to avoid the server busy message is to change the schedule as below and it worked perfectly. Now my backups are successful.

Open SQL Server  Management Studio

Select the DB Instance for which you want to change the SCHEDULE

Now go to SQL Server Agent àDB_Schedule_Nameà Properties

 Select the Job and click Edit

Now you will be able to check and change the scheduled time to run the snapmanager for SQL

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