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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Netapp Vol Copy Abort Error

Today when i was performing vol copy  on one of my volumes using command

Filer1> vol copy start -S Old_Volume New_Volume ( Destination volume should be in RESTRICT state )

-S --> to copy all snapshots as well

One of our user was accessing the filer and he issued the signal CTRL+C to stop some output on the filer  which aborted the vol copy operation , later i logged in to my On command system manager to check how much of data has been copied for that i tried to online the destination volume which was in restricted state but was not able to do it getting error as below according to the error if vol copy is aborted there is no way we can restart the copy again or online the same destination volume the only way is to destroy the destination volume and create a new and start the copy again.

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