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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What Is the option called Minra in Netapp

MINRA is nothing but you can control your "prefetch" wen you enable this option the filer performs minimal file read-ahead on the volume. By default, this option is off which means your filer always performs prefetch if any data updated. If you enable this option it may degrade your filer performance as "prefetch" will be off causing the data not available readily in the CACHE.


  1. If the file access patterns of the clients are random and the cache age is less than 3, setting minimal read-ahead to On might improve performance. By default, the NetApp system uses aggressive read-ahead, which enhances sequential access, and is more commonly used by UNIX clients and applications. Use the sysstat command to determine the cache age. Set the minra option to On for each volume to specify minimal read-ahead. By default, the option is set to Off and the NetApp system does very aggressive read-ahead.

  2. Yes R.K if your data is rarely accessed then this is the best option to have and for complex application this is not at all recommended.