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Monday, June 24, 2013

Not able to Access Netapp Filer Via SSH PUTTY

If you have issue accessing Netapp filers using SSH Putty. When  you try to log  into the filer with a Putty session would get an access denied or the Putty session will close. Later i came to know that OnCommand System Manager setting that was caching my password. Once i clear the cache and un select the box “Enable Password Caching “ then I am able to access filer through my SSH.

      1.   Open OnCommand System Manager in browser and login to filer

2.   In the top left corner you will have option called “TOOLS” select it.

3.   Now click on Clear Existing Passwords and save it.

Now you will be able to access the filer.


  1. If we dont have system manager then what to do ?

  2. If you don't have system manager can take a look in to my post how to kick out users from Netapp, this can be run from any UNIX client from which your storage is reachable... look in to my post below

  3. Doing it through OCSM worked... got the SSH access to the filer back.