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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Restoring a Netapp SnapVault LUN

Restoring a SnapVault LUN
1. In windows, open ‘computer -> manage -> disk management’ and
select the volume (LUN) you want to restore.
2.Now Choose ‘delete partition’.
3.On primary filer (the one that holds the lun that needs a restore)
1 unmap the lun
2 run : snapvault restore -S secondary:lunpath primary:lunpath
3 run : lun map lunpath igroup
For ex:-
1 lun unmap /vol/datavol/lunq/lun win
2 snapvault restore -S gr7m2:/vol/datavol/lunq gr7m1:/vol/datavol/lunq
3 lun map /vol/datavol/lunq/lun win
4. Rescan the DISKS in WINDOWS 
Now you will be able to find the LUN back as same as original :)

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