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Monday, June 20, 2016

Creating Rapid Clone Of Virtual Machine's Using Netapp Virtual Console

Creating Rapid Clones using Netapp Virtual Console 

Right click on the vm_template you want to clone and then scroll down to Netapp VSC and choose the options Create Rapid Clones

It opens up a rapid clone wizard, choose a clone destination in my case cluster1 is my destination

Ignore any FC/FCoE warnings and in the next tab select the format , choose same format as Source or if you have any preference of choosing THIN or THICK

Choose how many virtual processor you want and how many number of clones you want in my case I have chosen 11 and also can change the prefix of the clone machine name and choose No.of virtual processors, Memory in Size etc...

Click Next

Read through the difference between Basic and Advanced and choose which one you want to go with in my case i am going with BASIC.

Now select on to which Data store you want to save the cloned machines or can create a new data store as well I am choosing nfs1

Check the summary and click finish

You should be able to see the cloned vm’s upon refresh, can the check the column QUEUED FOR      ( Probably Milliseconds )from the recent tasks below to know how fast is Rapid Clone.

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