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Thursday, May 12, 2016

In Netapp_Cluster Mode we cannot have same SVM Name at Source and Destination for Snapmirror

You cannot have same SVM name at Source and Destination as i have tried in my LAB and got the error below 

Cluster1 is my Source Cluster and Cluster2 is my destination 

I used the same SVM name " SVM_TEST"  and while create i got the warning in my destination stating there is already an entry in my Name Server but i still continued choosing ok to reuse the account and guess what while i try to setup Snapmirror i got error that i must change the SVM name.... Refer to the screenshots... ( May be can give a try if you have different Name Server at Source and Destination )



The result is same even after trying with different NETBIOS name 

In the example below i have created a SVM named SNAP_MIRRORSRC in Cluster1

And the destination i have created SNAP_MIRRORDST

And after creating and when i try to establish the snapmirror relationship

it failed with error source and destination SVM cannot have same name

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