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Monday, February 15, 2016

Configuring Flash Pool on Netapp 7-Mode as well as C-mode

NetApp Flash Pool is an intelligent storage caching product within the NetApp Virtual Storage Tier (VST) product family. A Flash Pool aggregate configures solid-state drives (SSDs) and hard disk drives (HDDs) into a single storage pool (aggregate), with the SSDs providing a fast-response-time cache for volumes that are provisioned on the Flash Pool aggregate.

Remeber that there is minimum requirement of Disk to create a FLASH POOL 

FAS3100 and FAS3200 min requirement is 3+2 ( 3 data + 2 Parity )

FAS6000 and FAS6200 is 9+2 ( 9 Data + 2 Parity )

Step 1:- You Need to enable Hybrid on your aggregate in order to have flash pool

7- Mode

aggr options aggr_name hybrid_enabled on

Cluster Mode 

storage aggregate modify -aggregate aggr_name -hybrid_enabled true

Step 2:- Now you can add disks using their DISK ID's , If you have more than one Raid Group you have to choose which RG 


aggr add aggr_name -T SSD 6@100

cluster Mode

storage aggregate add-disks -aggregate aggr-name -disktype SSD -diskcount 3

You can verify If it is enabled as below


aggr status -v aggr_name

Cluster Mode

storage aggregate show -aggregate aggr_name

Once done now you need to create READ or WRITE policies in the Aggregate , Please follow the guide to create policies 

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