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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Netapp Load Share Mirroring For Volume

What are Load Sharing Mirrors

One can create a load sharing mirroring relationship on a FlexVolume which has high read hits. We can have one or more load sharing volumes for a source volume where all the read's would be directed to the destination read-only volumes which acts as load sharing for the source volume.

To create a load Sahring volume we have to choose -type parameter as DP, Now i have volume Manufacturing where i will be creating two load sharing volumes (Mirror1 & 2)

Nayab_C01::> volume create -vserver vs0 -volume Manufacturing_mirror1
-aggregate aggr2 -size 3GB -type DP

Creating one more load sharing mirror volume

Nayab_C01::> volume create -vserver vs0 -volume Manufacturing_mirror2
-aggregate aggr2 -size 3GB -type DP

After we have created Load Sharing mirror volume we have to establish relationship with the designated volume to direct all READ'S to the load sharing volumes and when configuring Snapmirror we have to choose -type as LS

Nayab_C01::> snapmirror create -source-path //vs0/Manufacturing
-destination-path //vs0/Manufacturing_mirror1 -type LS

[Job 171] Job is queued: snapmirror create the relationship with destination
[Job 171] Job succeeded: SnapMirror: done

Doing same for mirror2

Nayab_C01::> snapmirror create -source-path //vs0/Manufacturing
-destination-path //vs0/Manufacturing_mirror2 -type LS

[Job 201] Job is queued: snapmirror create the relationship with destination
[Job 201] Job succeeded: SnapMirror: done

Once we had the relationship established now we have initialize the baseline copy for Load Sharing

Nayab_C01::> snapmirror initialize-ls-set //vs0/Manufacturing

[Job 211] Job is queued: snapmirror load-share initialize for source //vs0/Manufacturing

Now we will have all our READ's redireced to the loadsharing destination volumes

Things to Remember :-

1) A load sharing volume should be mounted under the same SVM namespace as the source volume

2) Load Sharing volume is not supported for Infinite Volume

3) Load Sharing mirrors should be created on different aggregates and accessed by different node in the cluster to achieve load balancing

4) NFSv4 clients are not supported with read-only load-sharing mirrors, Inorder all the traffic from      NFSV4 clients will be routed to source volume from READ's and WRITE's

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