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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Simple Notes to understand Vfiler's in Netapp

Vfiler also called as virtual filer is a logical partition of network and storage resources in Ontap
To avail vfiler functionality need to install MULTISTORE license.
Protocols supported :- NFS, CIFS, iSCSI, HTTP, NDMP, FTP, SSH and SFTP
Maximum vfiler's :- 64 vfiler's can be created on a storage controller
Vfiler configuration are saved in volumes/qtrees where they are being created
Best practice is to have a volume as resource of a vfiler
Destroying a vfiler won't destroy data instead the volume will be moved to the vfiler0 ( Which is the default vfiler created once license installed ) . Also take note FCP protocol is supported only in vfiler0
Can use DATAMOTION to migrate vfiler
All the routing information  for the vfiler's can be viewed from the /etc/rc of vfiler0
One can add/delete/move resources like volumes/qtrees and interfaces between vfiler's


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