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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How to identify the disk name in Netapp

We all pretty well know every disk will have a universal unique identifier UUID or serial number , but  each disk will have a unique name depending on how they are connected to the storage system.

Note :- Always remember For internal disks, the slot number is zero, and the internal port number depends on the system model.

First knowing the basics each disk shelf will have bay's to hold the disk

Ex:- A Netapp DS4243 is a 24 bay disk shelf which is 4U in size.

Now each disk shelf will be identified with a name based on the Shelf ,Bay and the port to which the shelf is connected and we have different methodology for different type of DISK CONNECTION
For the SAS, Direct Attached type of disk connection the disk name will  be based on

<slot><port>.<shelf ID>.<bay>  ( In short i remember it as SPSB ) 

Ex:- Which means say if i have a disk in bay 12 of Shelf 1 which is connected to onboard port A

My disk ID would be :- 0a.1.12 

For the FC-AL, direct-attached type of disk connection the name is based on

<slot><port>.<loopID> ( In short i remember it as SPL )

Ex:- If my disk loop ID is 20 connected to expansion card on slot 8 to port C

My disk ID would be :- 8c.20

For FC-AL , Switch attached type of connection the name is based as below


Ex:- If my disk loop ID is 40 connected to port 4 of a switch 4

My Disk ID would be :- SW4.4.40


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