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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Tool to analyze Netapp Perfstat Output

Wondering how to analyze Netapp Perfstat , The tool below will help you out to know the CPU , Disk Overhead etc...

1) Download and run the .exe from the link above 
2) It will open a your command prompt in windows machine to key in the Perfstat file name 

3) Enter the perfstat file name with complete location

 4) Now enter the controller name for which you want to analyze the perfstat

This will generate three text files for NETWORK , CPU & DISK in the same folder where your perfstat_analyzer.exe was present 


  1. This is very useful. Thank you. Do you know of a way to extract these into csv files? All I have it the .out to work from.

  2. Hi David,

    Great to know that my post was useful to you and regarding to export them to CSV is you can open .out in Notepad/Wordpad save it to ur desktop and then open the saved Notepad/Wordpad file from excel :)