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Friday, August 15, 2014

Setting up Netapp Passwordless Login

Usually we configure the passwordless login for Netapp filer by mounting or mapping Vol0 through NFS or CIFS , If in case your environment don't have these licenses then you can try the procedure below even if you have license i prefer the below one as its easy. As you jus need to unlock the diag account and proceed.

If you do not have neither CIFS nor NFS licenses, you could create this directory using diag account.

Note: take care using this account.

First, enter in advanced mode:
filer> priv set advanced

Now, unlock and set a password to diag account:

filer*> useradmin diaguser unlock

filer*> useradmin diaguser password ( Set a password )

Enter in the systemshell, create the directory you need and put the pubkey generated in the authorized_keys file:

filer*> systemshell

login: diag

Password: the same you set in the previous step above

filer% mkdir -p /mroot/etc/sshd/root/.ssh

filer% vi /mroot/etc/sshd/root/.ssh/authorized_keys

Now Copy your server SSH keys here and Save the file

filer% sudo chown -R root:wheel /mroot/etc/sshd/root

filer% sudo chmod -R 0600 /mroot/etc/sshd/root

Then, exit systemshell, lock diag account and exit advanced mode:

filer% exit

Lock the Diag User back

filer*> useradmin diaguser lock

filer*> priv set admin


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