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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Netbackup Restoration Error 147

I have faced an issue during restoration of a unix ( Solaris ) filesystem backup

I have tired the restoration but was not able to restore as it failed with error

“Status 147 - required or specified copy was not found”,

 Later i have examined the bprd logs and i saw the error below

zmasb1:/usr/openv/netbackup/logs/bprd #  more  log.061814 | grep copy #1 not found!

11:27:27.411 [10605] <2> restore files:    proxy_copy = 0

11:27:27.411 [10605] <2> restore files:    alt_rest_copy_num = 0

11:27:27.696 [10605] <2> add_image_to_list: backupid zwftpt1_1278162514 copy #1 not found!

This is issue with the primary image in the netbackup where the PRIMARY_COPY/FRAGMENT mismatch or Corrupted, Now we have to duplicate the image to a good and valid backup image using command bpduplicate. Please keep in mind before you duplicate a image to make it primary image verify the image first. In my case i am going to duplicate last monthly backup image as primary image.


Now go to your NBU console and go to Catalog and there you can search for a valid image which you can restore

Now right clcik on the displayed images and choose verify and check the results, You should see it is successful. Now go back and right click on the image and make it primary copy or use below command to duplicate the image

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