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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Netapp Snap Restore at Volume Level

Today i have performed snap restore on few production volume reverting to the snapshot of dated 20-May-2014. Here i share the procedure with you all.

I have restored snapshot of all 12 prod volumes. Please be noted snap restore can be performed both at VOLUME LEVEL and FILE LEVEL.

Volume level is to revert back the volume to whatever the date you want based on the snapshot in my case my latest snapshot is on 20-May-2014 so I’m  reverting back to it

File level is to restore a single file , we have to mention  type   –t  (vol | file )  while restore.

Im doing at volume level....


snap restore -t vol  <vol-name>

snap restore -t vol snap_prodcli_prod_fb

WARNING! This will revert the volume to a previous snapshot.

All modifications to the volume after the snapshot will be

irrevocably lost.

Volume snap_prodcli_prod_fb will be made restricted briefly before coming back online.

Are you sure you want to do this? yes

The following snapshots are available for volume snap_prodcli_prod_fb:

     date            name
------------    ---------

May 20 17:12    20140520_bkup  -->  I am Reverting to this Snapshot

May 12 05:50    20140512_bkup

May 09 18:35    filervltp1(0151751825)_snap_prodcli_prod_fb.1

May 09 17:55    20140509_coldbkup

Apr 10 15:41    20140410_coldbkup

Which snapshot would you like to revert volumesnap_prodcli_prod_fb to?  20140520_bkup   ( Here mention the snapshot name to which you want to revert )

You have selected snap_prodcli_prod_fb,  snapshot 20140520_bkup

Proceed with revert? yes

Thu May 22 10:58:39 SGT [filervltp1:wafl.snaprestore.revert:notice]: Reverting volume snap_prodcli_prod_fb to a previous snapshot.

Volume snap_prodcli_prod_fb : revert successful.

It’s been successful :)

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