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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Netapp Additional Information from the version onwards

Right from Data ONTAP additional information was added to the sysconfig command for the Storage Configuration.

Possible System Storage Configurations:

Single-Path          All storage in system is single-pathed
Mixed-Path          Some storage is single-pathed, some is multi-pathed
Multi-Path             All storage in system is multi-pathed
Single-Path HA   All storage in this system is single-pathed
Mixed-Path HA    Some storage is single-pathed, some is multi-pathed
Multi-Path HA      All storage is multi-pathed

Ex:-  FAS01> sysconfig
NetApp Release 8.1.1 7-Mode:
System ID: 80093278468 (FAS01); partner ID: 80090494093(FAS02)
System Serial Number: 4000201034 (test1)
System Rev: F6
System Storage Configuration:  Multi-Path HA

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