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Thursday, January 17, 2013

One Particular user was not able to access the Netapp CIFS shares from any machine

My filer FAS2040 on my Domain has got CIFS shares set up as well as other network drives. I'm having problems with a single user not being able to access the Filer on multiple machines.

I have started troubleshooting this from the permission level but everything was fine from the permission perspective and was scratching my head what happened as other users were able to access the same CIFS shares and network drives of the same filer except one user.

Then I realized he went on leave for PONGAL HOLIDAYS (Joking !!)  this is the only difference between that user and the rest of users this is where the CLOCK GOT MORE THAN 5 Mins during he was on holiday and other users were not affected because they already logged during that time as they already authenticated and were working off of cached credentials.

I have just used the below command to reset the NTP server now the user is able to access the shares with full access JFAS01>options timed.servers  timeserver1

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